Aug 3, 2017

Health Tips : The Best Fitness Routine For Your Personality You Must Try & Live long !

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Here is The Best Fitness Routine For Your Personality You Must Try!

Hello, Friends today I came up with a topic which is Personality and Health. And it’s very helpful and necessary for our life. we should keep our body healthy. so let’s see what Fitness Routine is all about.What’s the Best Fitness Routine for you? Consider Your Personality.

As 2017 rolls in and resolutions are being hammered out, fitness and health usually take center stage.If you’re eating the right food and keeping fit, your body will be strong and help you to cope with stress and also fight illness. Eating well and exercising often when you’re a teenager will also help you stay in good health later in life. Getting regular sleep is another really important way to stay healthy.

But what exactly is the best fitness routine for you? Many instructors and trainers will say – irritatingly perhaps – that “the best fitness routine is the one you will do consistently.”

In which case, all you need to know is: What’s your fitness personality?

If you’re a Type A personality, you probably have a quantitative goal. You might be wearing a fitness tracker, and you probably feel you need a reason to work out,” says Pete McCall, a spokesman for the American Council on Exercise.

Suppose if you’re more motivated by collaboration, whether there is a quantitative goal or not, then you might do well in something like Zumba, where the purpose is to have a dance party,” McCall says.

So, you should ask yourself that “Are quantitative goals important to you? If you believe then try fitness spin class, trackers, treadmill workouts and the like”.

Or are you energized by the group setting and maybe having less-trackable goals? Then try group fitness, a la Zumba.

Cassia Denton, personal-training and group-exercises director for Balance Gym in Washington, agrees and says to look specifically at what energizes you in life.

The very first thing to look at is what tends to recharge you outside of work. Is it a hot bath and a glass of wine? Or is it a big meal with friends? Denton says this sentence. “This can be telling in terms of what will help you stay motivated.”

In other words, are you an introvert or extrovert?

The former, Denton says, might do well in a spin or yoga class, where, although there are people around you, the room might be dark and the focus is turned inward.

The latter might do better in a group fitness class such as CrossFit, treadmill running or boot camp, where not only can people see you but there also might be an element of collaboration.

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