Aug 17, 2017

Seo Strategy 2017 – Know what is important?

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Everyone wants to have a high CTC and a good spot in Google Search’s Algorithm. However, when it’s usually accepted in the market that Google uses about 200 ranking factors to rank websites — and a number of them are demonstrated, some are still controversial and some are just nerd-based conjecture — it can be tough to understand which variables to concentrate on if it comes to your search engine optimization.

So, What Google see’s most important.

“It is content and, it has links pointing to your website.” Said Andrey Lipattsev ,Google strategiest.

I have heard folks foolishly suggest links are not important anymore. There is a new method of doing SEO, without links. This is incorrect, and it is dangerous advice. Bear in mind exactly what Andrey Lipattsev explained.


We tend to almost always return to hyperlinks, as they comprise Largely and quite notably in the 200 or so rank signs, for example:


  1. The quantity of external links you have.


  1. The anchor text of those outside links. Links with SEO-focused anchor text have to be applicable to the target page.


  1. The quality of outsite links resources. It is better for a Link from a respectable news source or academic journal in relation to an anonymous website.


And many search engine optimization agencies concentrate on creating relevant links to receive first page search results on Google. That is because there’s a strong correlation between excellent search engine optimization results (particularly key word rankings) and the high quality and quantity of links to a website.

Moz Authority and Page authority have significant price and has to be considered for almost any search engine optimization strategy to succeed.


Content marketing and SEO


Seo and Content are differ to one another In many critical places, but you can not separate both entirely. Search engine optimization is generally thinner, and more specialized, whilst content marketing is wider and more holistic — kind of like the way the square is a rectangle, but a rectangle isn’t always a square. Here is the way they converge:


  1. You can use SEO more widely by directing its specific Technical jobs into content advertising.


  1. Only method to ensure content marketing is to use SEO techniques.

Content advertising fulfills those requirements. SEO says the requirements. Content advertising fulfills them.

Google Algorithm upgrades 2017


Competitive interstitials and pop-ups which may hurt the mobile user experience. Google also supplied a rare warning of the upgrade five months beforehand.

There will Undoubtedly be lots of additional algorithm upgrades During 2017, but the achievement of your search engine optimization campaigns will mostly be governed By how concentrated your search engine optimization strategy is on content and links

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