Sep 20, 2017

PGDM in Pharmaceutical Management Course – A way to success

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PG Diploma in Pharmaceutical Management is a highly sought after pharmaceutical management course that combines the study of fundamentals of pharmaceutical sciences with marketing and management sciences. It is a discipline of the management programs, which covers the chemical and health sciences, and ensures the secure and safe use of pharmaceutical drugs.

In this program, candidates are trained in advanced business concepts, enterprise management and advanced pharmaceutical management. The course offers a specialized and high quality management education that makes the candidates eligible for managerial and professional positions in pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore, the program will also acquaint the candidates with the organizational culture and provide them the opportunity to develop innovative entrepreneurship skills along with the professional attitudes. The course comprises advanced processes and concepts involved in healthcare, particularly a safe and powerful utilization of pharmaceutical medications. It also blends management with healthcare-oriented scientific innovations.

Objectives of the PG Diploma in Pharmaceutical Management program
The objective of PG Diploma in Pharmaceutical Management course is to enhance the skills of the candidates through rigorous academics and field work, for various managerial positions in the pharmaceutical industry. The course:

  • Caters to the contemporary management requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Trains the candidates on leadership, advanced business concepts, technology management, enterprise management and advanced pharmaceutical management.
  • Trains the eligible candidates for managerial positions in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Provides the candidates the relevant skills in consultancy, planning, operation of management techniques and management related problem solving.

Top colleges in India offering PG Diploma in Pharmaceutical management program
There are several top pharmaceutical management colleges in India that provide quality management education with high focus on pharmaceutical management for developing future business experts by nurturing their skills, communication, knowledge, behavior and attitude. Some of the leading colleges in India offering this course are as follows:

  • Indian Institute of Pharmaceutical Marketing – Lucknow
  • IES Management College and Research Centre – Mumbai
  • MITCON Institute of Management – Pune
  • Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Institute of Management Studies and Research – Mumbai
  • Goodwill College – Uttar Pradesh

The PGDM in Pharmaceutical Management course at the top colleges in India focuses on integrating the academic rigor with real world exposure. Lectures, case studies, simulation exercises, role plays, live projects, assignments, internship training, workshops and seminars are some of the key pedagogical activities employed by these top colleges in this program. The course enhances the scientific and technical skills of the candidates and equips them with the expertise, endurance and knowledge to tackle the current challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry.

Students are taught by the faculties with right qualification and extensive expertise in teaching the pharmaceutical management courses. The course has industry oriented curriculum, and almost all the students get placement in the reputed pharmaceutical companies or pharmacies at attractive packages, in India and abroad.

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