Dec 7, 2017

Management Training and Team Building for Organisational Development

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Management training is training activities for management personnel, which is focused on improving and developing each individual managerial and leadership skills. There a lot of skills required from an individual in a leadership or managerial position.

Skills such as team building, sharing a vision, ensuring productivity, providing excellent results, unleashing potentials, taking calculated risks, motivating staffs for productivity, inspiring people, good communication, excellent work ethics, creating goals and achieving them, be a good role model for staffs and so much more.

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As a person occupying a managerial or leadership position in an organization, it is very important to have different quality and unique skills so you can lead your staffs and the company to a greater height.

The training and coaching center ensure human capital development and corporate training services for different organizations that require managerial development. As a training organization that is more focused on the practical aspect of management.

They ensure each personnel undergoes adequate training that acquires practical hands-on skills, not just theoretical. The management teams of any organization are the bedrock to which that organization stands on and if they do not effectively function as per the standards required of them, the organization will definitely fail someday soon.

Managers need to be able to create and explain goals to their staffs and teams members, these goals should be attainable and they should be able to move the organization forward that will invariably lead to more revenue for the organization.

Human development and training have over the years be found to be very useful and profitable both for individual and the organization in general. The most organization has spent some millions of dollars to send their managers abroad to different reputable institutions and other high-flying organizations in order to gain more knowledge and experience in organizational management.

It is no surprise that most of these companies and organizations are known to succeed and make more profit as compared to other organizations that do not give much importance to managerial development and training.

Apart from Management and leadership training, team building is another very important aspect of organizational development. The members of staff and teams in an organization also need to undergo some special training for effective and efficient delivery of their jobs.

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This is why team building workshop is important as team members get to learn and acquire adequate knowledge and skills for both individual development and organizational development. Team members also contribute to the success and growth of any organization and their input in that organization is of paramount importance.

Team members or members of staff need to acquire skills such as effective communication between other team members, positive attitude towards work and other team members, reliability, honest and dedicated to work, has been able to suggest positive ideas to move the company forward and so much more.

Without a team, the manager does not function effectively or can’t even function at all because a manager needs a team to manage. Without a good functional working team, the manager will fail in his duties and when the manager fails the company will also fail and invariably lose revenue.

This is why team member effectiveness workshop also explores and highlights how each member of the team contributes to the success and growth of an organization through individual input. Team members need to support and encourage each other so they can improve their individual abilities. Team members can also learn from each other because there are certain individuals in a team that will definitely know more than other members of a team. So as a team member it is strongly advisable to always look out for another team member or those members that know more than you and learn from them. This is why it is good to work synergistically as a team for quick growth and development for both individual and the organization in general.

It is also important for managers to acquire professional certifications as an added advantage and qualification. Project Management Professional (PMP) is an internationally recognized professional body that is offered by Project Management Institute (PMI).

The exam to acquire its certification is based on the PMI Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). The prerequisites and qualifications to write this exam are to have a high school diploma or global equivalent, 7,500 hours of leading and directing projects and 35 hours of project management education.

If you have a 4 years university degree you will only need to 4,500 hours of leading and directing projects with 35 hours of project management. If you have all these prerequisites and qualifications then you are qualified to write the exam. Any candidate who writes and passes the exam and also meets the professional requirements is awarded a Project Management Professional certification commonly known as PMP certification.

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