Jan 12, 2018

Making a Style Statement with Contemporary Furniture

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Planning to give your home a modern makeover? Read on.

For a style upgrade at home, the new age (or should I say, 2018’s) designer line of furniture is a convenient option offering your home an elegant and modern touch.

You can make the best use of furniture items which are functional as well as high in style quotient.

And you must not forget about the comfort, too.

The modern-day furniture is a perfect fit for a compact space, provided it effortlessly goes well with the existing layout of your home.

Let’s find the way you can become a trendsetter with your house accessorizing skills.

Here, we start with the basics for styling your place.

Living Room

The living area is the central part of your home where you welcome the guests, host parties, and enjoy a jamming session with your friends and family.

The furniture style for this area needs to be exceptional – both contemporary and sophisticated.

When you search online, you can find multiple furniture stores in Leicester where you can buy an eye-catching furniture piece for your living room.

Whether you need a TV display unit or a comfy couch to lie on, you can find them all in a hassle-free manner.

For keeping your antiques safely and adequately, thumbs up to sideboards with glass doors!

These products are bestowed with quality construction, and the best part is that they require only a little space.

Tip#1: Don’t make the area congested with unnecessary decorative stuff covering the vast area. Keep the sofa subtle, something that complements the modern style.


For a modular bedroom style, shaker style beds are in these days and super-suited if you have dark bold hues on the walls. This adds more depth and dimension to your room thus, facilitating a feeling of warmth.

Now, it is time for your closet section!

To keep your clothes organized, you must go for the corner wardrobes. It’s where you can place them in the right order and make your search simple and handy. This is one of the few statement pieces which can be the hero of your room.

Tip#2: Don’t try to match everything as “contrast” is the new cool.

Home Office

The “practical yet classy” is the underlying theme which lays the foundation for your newly decorated home office.

You must avoid the furniture that creates a messy appearance when it comes to styling your home office area.

You can go with a white computer desk or a large corner desk which makes an essential component of this area. All you need to have is high utility cupboards in this space to accommodate your office files and other stationary items neatly and systematically.

Of course, you need a comfortable chair to sit, too.

Tip#3: Go for large corner desks to accommodate more stationary items and computer accessories without disarranging.

That is all about how you can leave an impact on your visitors with the innovative ways of furniture styling in your newly renovated home.

Share your thoughts with us if you have innovative ideas for a home décor by writing in the comment section below.

We would love to hear from you!

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