Aug 10, 2017

Latest Trend : Most Attractive Way To Dress For Your Perfect Body Type 2017

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Latest Trend: Most Attractive Way To Dress For Your Perfect Body Type 2017

Hello! Friends today I’ll show you the proper way to dress for each body types which will really help you a lot. So follow these below steps to your daily routine and see the awesome changes in your life.Can you guess what’s the most attractive body for men? Wait I’ll tell you.

There are totally 5 body types which are listed below:-

 1:- The Inverted Triangle Body Shape:

Like the trapezoid, the V-shaped body or inverted triangle has broad shoulders and chest but narrower hips and waist. Think Michael Phelps, only probably not with size 14 feet. With a v-shaped torso, it’s especially important to pay attention to the imbalance between the upper and lower body.How to Dress for Your Body Shape mens diagram

2:- The Oval Body Shape

As the name suggests, this shape appears round, particularly in the stomach area. This often results in narrower shoulders and slimness in the lower leg. Out of all the male body types, it is important to focus on lengthening the torso and widening the shoulders in order to make the rest of the body look more defined.Mens How to Dress for Your Body Shape diagram

3:- The Rectangle Body Shape

The rectangle body type has shoulders as wide as the waist and hips. Dressing for this body shape aims to widen the shoulders while narrowing the lower torso to create the illusion of a more trapezoid-like shape.

mens How to Dress for Your Body Shape diagram 4:- The Triangle Body Shape.

Let I tell you first this body shape doesn’t mean you’re overweight or unhealthy, it does mean that you’ve got to dress around your proportions. Much of clothing design is built for the complete opposite of this shape, so how do you accommodate this figure while wearing clothes that look dope? Like any of the other silhouettes, you’re looking for visual balance.Triangle Body Shape                                                 Here are Some Ground Rules For Dressing To Your Body Type

  1. Dress for the body you have right now. Any attempts at anatomical correction through exercise is admirable. However, for the present moment, you need to dress for your current shape.
  2. Your body shape determines what you should wear. Shop for clothes and alter the fit for the perfect fit that flatters your body type. Avoid shopping for the latest trend and looking to copy outfits out of a catalog.
  3. Seek the norm. A trapezoid body shape is generally considered most attractive. Use clothing to create an illusion of wide shoulders and narrow waistline.

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