Sep 14, 2017

What are the key points to consider while choosing the top business school?

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Today, just grabbing a degree will not fetch you a high paying job. In order to increase the chances of getting a lucrative as well as stable job, it is important to have a business management diploma or a degree, preferably an MBA. Business management programs provide the candidates with opportunities to improvise their leadership, technology and communication skills. A business management program includes the topics like marketing, economics, finance, human resource and many more. There are several business schools in India that offer quality management programs to their candidates to create the leaders and professionals of tomorrow. Some of the leading business schools in India are as follows:

  • MIT School of Business – Pune
  • Indian Institute of Management – Bangalore
  • Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies – Mumbai
  • Management Development Institute – Gurugram

How to apply for a business school
After you have decided to pursue a management degree or diploma course, it is time to start thinking about what you are searching for in a business school. Choosing the right school to apply is important to be successful. If you miscalculate, you could get dinged or end up stagnating at a school that is a bad fit for you. Consider what you want, and what you need. What is vital to you – professionally, personally and academically? What type of environment are you searching for in a business school? Here are some key points to consider as you start this process:

  • Career services –What is the business school’s strengths? Does it match up with your goals? What type of career assistance would you have as a candidate?
  • Environment – What type of learning environment are you looking for in a business school? A supportive, warm environment or a more competitive one? A small school or a large one? Big city or a rural campus? A diverse environment or the one with several candidates like you?
  • Academics – It includes the business school’s overall approach, curriculum and any unique learning opportunities you would have there. Is the business school especially strong in a particular field you are attached to? Are its faculties doing commendable work in your field of interest? Is there a preferred pedagogy (case-based, mixed, or experiential) and does that method matches with your learning style?
  • Extra- curricular activities – What type of community are you searching for? Are there any extra-curricular events and groups related to your professional objectives? Are there specific types of resources or activities (religious, political, cultural etc) you can’t do without?

Reputation – It is one of the most important aspects of any school. Some schools are well known for their company placements and academics; while some others command a great reputation due to their highly qualified faculties. Make sure to value and rank what would you like to focus on and what are your priorities. Based on it, you can select a business school that best fits your needs.

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