Sep 18, 2017

How hiring a digital marketing agency is important for institutes?

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Due to increase in the digital marketing channels, the educational sector has become more competitive and complex than ever before. Today, more than 90% of people search for services and information online. To achieve success, the education industry also needs to go through this change.

How can an institute reach the prospective students?
To increase the connectivity and engagement, digital marketing platform can be used to market any services. This is where a digital marketing agency can help!

While the whole world has experienced the benefits of digital marketing, the educational sector too has started to acknowledge this approach. Hiring a digital marketing agency for institutes helps to streamline the communication, recruitment and the enrollment process to attract the attention of the right students at the right time.  Some of the top digital marketing agencies in India are:

  • Unipro Education
  • INX Infotech
  • Infinite 1
  • Amura

Now the question is:

Why is digital marketing becoming so important in the education industry?
Given the steep competition, the demand for easy knowledge format and online services, having an exhaustive digital presence has become a pre-requisite for the educational institutes.  So to increase the level of connectivity and engagement with the prospective students, hiring a digital marketing agency for institutes has become important.  Due to this, most of the educational institutes are adopting digital marketing services to reach their audience.

Digital marketing is what your target audience knows
Today students and parents expect the presence of an institute on social media along with the provision to apply online. They want all the information about the institute to be available online.  With the education sectors primary audience being the youth, digital marketing is steadily growing in its importance and increasing adoption among the educational institutes.

Conventional marketing has long been the preferred channel to reach the audiences. But now the scenario has changed completely. Digital marketing is the best medium to target larger audience in low budget. It offers good returns in less investment. Hiring a digital marketing agency for the institutes includes the services like SEO, mobile marketing, social media and email marketing.

Keeps you in front of the audience 24×7
Studies have shown that 93% of students use internet and they spend an average time of 3 to 4 hours every day on their mobiles and laptops.  So the digital marketing platforms provide an easy access to the youths that don’t go online but practically live online to know the relevance of the educational industry’s context.  4 among 5 students consider internet as the main source to find out the information related to the course and educational institute.

Fast response
Hiring a digital marketing agency for institutes offers quick feedback to the audiences. People read queries immediately over the internet and digital marketing is the easiest way to interact with the students in a short time.

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