Oct 5, 2017

Google Map Local Marketing with Free Business Listing

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Google Maps Marketing – an excellent tool for acquiring a marked place on Google Map, when a local business search is conducted.

Also, it builds your brand awareness and provides directions for people to reach the nearby business location.

If you want to deliver solutions to nearby proximity to the local audience, it is mandatory to enrich your business presence on Google Map. So, you must be acquainted with the tips required to practice SEO for Google Maps.

These are some very effective tips you must know about, which are coined just for you.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing Into Your Title

Undoubtedly, keywords hold an earnest value in the practice of SEO or other methods of online marketing. However, it is tempting to include keywords in the content and descriptions.

But, it is valued only in a single condition when it is added to your business or brand name and location. On the other hand, you should use your business name as the title.

Use a Real Number

Google verifies the validity of number registered at the location. So, you are required to provide a real, existing number. Anyhow, if you violate the rules or guidelines of the Google, you may be penalized.

Provide Insight Details

According to Ranking By SEO, “you should provide complete and updated details about your listing. It is good practice to put as many details as you can. This tells people about your business and information.”

Also, you should make sure that irrelevant data or information should not be provided. On the screen, you can locate a meter in the sidebar that reflects the completeness of the data.

Use Symmetrical Data

The data and the information you are sharing with Google Maps listing must be symmetrical what have published on the site. Be known that if Google finds any differences between the listed phone numbers and location, it will keep your listing misgiving.

Provide Accurate Operating Hours

Keep your business operating hours accurate. This will let your audience or potential customers know whether you are available to serve at that time or not. Apart from that time, they will be acquainted with your operating hours. When your business is in action on special days, you should not forget to mention.

These are some useful tips on Google Maps Marketing that you can employ for your business. This will eventually enrich your presence in Google local business listing and aids to boost your sales.

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