Sep 12, 2017

Four effective ways to choose the best MBA College

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Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a professional degree that opens gateways to lucrative career opportunities in business sector. Pursuing an MBA degree from the right institute is certainly one of the most crucial decisions that you will have to make in your professional career. The most evident reasons to pursue an MBA are better career options, enhanced skill development, better networking opportunities and higher salary.

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Points to remember while choosing a top MBA institute in India
Before choosing the right MBA institute, one must ask oneself some questions, like:

  • Does it really matter which MBA college I attend?
  • Is an MBA better than the other management course?
  • Are the highly successful alumni from the college?
  • What percentage of candidates receives financial aid at the MBA institute?

Many prospective candidates find themselves boggling over these and many more questions. With a huge number of MBA institutes spread all over India to pick from, potential MBA applicants frequently find themselves in a bit of confusion. As you decide where to spend the next 2 to 3 years of your life, it may be helpful to consider the below key points:

  1. The alumni network – The diversity and strength of the alumni network are important points to consider. Alumni could help MBA graduates in landing internships and jobs. Moreover, they can also provide mentorship and advice, as well as networking opportunities. Although many MBA colleges pride themselves in having powerful global alumni networks, they rarely provide any metrics, besides alumni numbers and achievements, to corroborate their assertions. Recent alumni and current students are usually good sources of information about an institute’s alumni network.
  2. Financial assistance – MBA is an expensive course, so attending an MBA college in India that provides financial assistance in the form of scholarships, loan programs or fellowships is very helpful. The reputed MBA colleges in India have partnerships with several financial firms, which help to provide loans to their candidates, giving them a chance to meet most or all of the costs associated with obtaining an MBA education. Mudra Institute of Communications – Ahmedabad, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade – New Delhi, National Institute of Industrial Engineering – Mumbai and Xavier Institute of Management – Bhubaneswar, etc. are some of the top MBA colleges in India offering quality management education and financial assistance to their candidates to groom the leaders of tomorrow.
  3. Achieving academic goals – Ultimately, you want to attend an MBA institute that will provide experiences and nurture skills you need to progress in your career. Therefore, you need to ask yourself whether the prospective college will really help you to thrive and succeed. It is also vital to consider the college’s strengths and specializations offered, its location, and how the college aligns with your own aspirations.
  4. Leadership skills – Managing people is the most important skill that you are likely to attain in a good MBA school in India. There will be special courses and classes dedicated for this purpose. So, it is imperative to choose an MBA college that provides the opportunity to acquire and polish your leadership skills.
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