Jul 23, 2018

What was the condition of Indian online education system before 2015? How it has evolved after 2015

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What was the condition of Indian online education system before 2015? How it has evolved after 2015

Online education is not an entirely new sensation in the educational platform. The concept of digital learning has been known to students from the early times. What made a difference is the incorporation of high-end technology in digital education in the recent years. When it comes to a developing nation like India, the idea of not only online education but any activity held via internet like online purchasing, booking, communicating has emerged much later when compared than that of the developed countries. The Indian online educational system prior to 2015 can more likely be stated as disorganized. This particular piece of writing is going to examine the scenario of online education before 2015 and some of the significant changes in the paradigms of online education that have taken place after 2015.

Early online-education lacked in technology compared to the present system

Online education is an advanced form of delivering knowledge as well as absorbing the same and requires sufficient supporting technologies. As mentioned earlier, online education definitely was known to the academic realm from early times. But the system of online education a few years ago did not possess proper backing when it came to tools and technology. The usable technological mediums like e-books, dynamic learning applications, and electronic version of study materials, online quizzes and examinations were not within reach of individuals.

Simpler versions or mediums of online learning were used even a few years back. This is mainly due to the lack of use of appropriate devices, gadgets, and appliances. In the span between 2014 to the current year, the concept of e-­learning or online learning has undergone a massive evolution. Students have access to nearly any learning materials, resources within few seconds with just one click of the mouse. In addition, online course centers provide learning materials that can be accessed by students through I pads, I phones, tablets and even regular android phones. These changes in the online educational trends have also leveraged quick learning facilities and wider access to learning resources for tough examinations like GRE, GATE, CAT, MBA, etc.

Online education as more of an airy figure before twenty-fifteen

The unpopularity of online education did not merely end in lack of technology but can also be justified on the point that the concept of online-education was quite unclear to people. Well, the idea, however, varies from location to location. To break it down, online education was not unfamiliar incompletely developed countries. In fact, nations like USA, China, and Australia utilized the advanced and high-end mediums of digital education sufficiently to lift the graph of academic performances of students. However, when it comes to India, most a substantial part of the country was quite unclear of the concept of the integrated online learning system. This is one of the leading reasons why India despite possessing moderate online learning tactics, technologies and abilities to operate the available leverage could not take complete advantage of using the same.

In contrary, the above-demonstrated factor again does not indicate that the condition of Indian online educational spectrum was out of the range when it came to integrated usage. The trend till the year 2014 relied more on online learning facilities like YouTube video tutorials; crash courses that used in-class online teaching modes; paid online learning resources on specific websites, etc. While in the present times, people go for distant learning with the help of the full-fledged online crash courses, get access to abundant learning resources free of cost or in minimum price and use special learning applications. These facilities with much easier user interfaces have also made learning strategy much more comfortable when it comes to higher level examinations like GATE, PGCET, CET and more.

The barriers to online education system before 2015

The emergence and the usability of online educational system faced several hindrances prior to the present time. One of the foremost hindrances that affected the transformation of online educational facilities into actionable insights is proper knowledge or domain-centric acumen of people in the digital educational system. Operating the interfaces and overall system of conducting teaching or even learning requires a certain level of idea and moderate training. A large percentage of individuals lacked the same. Other than that, the trend of online education was also rare when t came to imparting education in academic institutions.

Academic institutions began adapting e-learning technologies after 2015

Academic institutions are huge pioneers of the online educational trend when it comes to the present century scenario. A large percentage of universities, schools, and even learning centers have begun to undertake innovative teaching methodologies that involve e-learning, computerized teaching, etc. With the rolling of time, the advancement of digital technologies, academic institutions can gain access to high-end knowledge delivery procedures and digital educational tactics in a much convenient and inexpensive way compared to the early age scenarios.

Online interaction, learning, examinations, and tests are not only confined to education but have also got the ball rolling for interview procedures and so on. The interview process is whole-cycled with increased visibility nowadays leveraging distant aspirants with sheer convenience. In fact, agencies are also providing facilities for online learning as well as teaching nowadays. Individuals interested in teaching online or distant learning can deliberately take advantage of the same. A significant number of teachers are opting for a career in competitive exam prep sector. The demand for qualified GATE trainers, who have sufficient experience with online tools is high in the market.

The platform of online education is on the verge of sheer progress in the recent times and is not the only jackpot for students but providing all-encompassed facilities to individuals connected to the realm of education. The trend of online education in 2018 has made learning a forte of all age groups of people. It has also leveraged a much more dynamic platform for aspirants to master the art of learning and to stay active academically with the consistent cultivation of knowledge and wisdom.

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