Aug 6, 2017

Apple Watch 3 With(LTE) 4G, Here Is the New Features, Designs, Reviews And Suggest

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Apple Watch 3 With(LTE) 4G, Here Is the New Features, Designs, Reviews And Suggest!

APPLE company is expected to be hard at work on a new version of its Apple Watch smartwatch, which will include a built-in LTE chipset with a new design.Apple is tipped to launch a new Apple Watch model later this yearThe Apple Watch 3 will hit The United Kingdom, (UK) shelves later this year, rumours have suggested.

The next-generation smartwatch will most likely be announced with the new iPhone model in September.

The modified (upgraded) Apple Watch will include built-in LTE, according to a report from Bloomberg.

This newest addition of an inbuilt LTE chipset should allow the Watch greater independence from the iPhone.

At present moment, the Apple Watch has to be connected with a paired iPhone over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth before the device can make phone calls to someone, receive notifications, download new music and download apps, and more.

 Mark Gurman at Bloomberg says that the next Apple Watch has an LTE modem built-in. It is the confirm next step for Apple company.APPLE WATCH RUMORED TO FEATURE LTE AND NEW DESIGNAccording to the Bloomberg report, Intel is supplying the LTE modem chips. With full mobile connectivity, users will be able to download content from the internet on the go without the need of carrying the iPhone. Apple is already in talks with carriers to sell the Apple Watch Series LTE. Apple is expected to offer the new Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE and without LTE option.

Upcoming third Apple Watch release might also get a new design and form factors. John Gruber says he heard that tidbit from an “unconfirmed little birdie, though, so I wouldn’t bet the house on it.”

The Apple Watch is not a big money maker for Apple yet, but it’s by far the best-selling smart watch, according to a recent comment made by Apple CEO Tim Cook. Actually, My Apple Watch Series 1 has become a fixture in our life. An LTE version will attract us to upgrade, as  I can leave the iPhone 6 and 7 Plus at home when I go for a run.

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Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of information about LTE on the Apple Watch 3 we don’t know!

probably, Apple is planning to sell models of the Watch without LTE – like it does with the iPad – and charge a premium for this feature.

The Apple Watch 3 owners may have to take out a separate mobile data plan for the (Apple Watch 3) smartwatch which is able to make calls away from their iPhone.

The New Features, Designs, Reviews are not disclosed yet we will let you know if they reveal once so stay connected with us keep updated.

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