Sep 18, 2018

Advantages of Studying in Boarding Schools in Dehradun

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Studying in boarding schools is a very unique experience as the boarding schools bestow independence to students which they would not have had at home. In other words, boarding will provide an ideal platform for the challenges and responsibilities of an adult life. Students are prepared for the future success as they are encouraged to achieve their full potential at boarding school. The boarding school students, apart from excelling in studies show remarkable output in their professional career. Students at boarding school are benefitted from a close interaction between students and teachers. The boarding school, because of a residential campus, helps students in gelling well in an educational world.

Let us discuss about some of the advantages of studying in boarding schools in Dehradun –

  • School Campus & School Programme – The boarding schools in Dehradun have large campus within nature’s beauty and with all the latest facilities for the students to keep them updated with today’s world.

These schools help in the overall development of students. They arrange many co-curricular activities, games & sports and encourage children to participate. Their school programmes help students to shine among thousands of other students. The major co-curricular activities arranged by boarding schools in Dehradun includes Indian & western music, Folk & classical dance, Art & craft, Dramatics & public speaking, etc. The school has special mentors for these activities.

Student can opt the activities according to their preferences, as there are a number of clubs & societies in the school. Some of the clubs are-

  • Quiz club
  • Debating club
  • Hindi / English Literary society
  • Chess club
  • Eco club
  • Reading club
  • Adventure club
  • Clay Moulding, etc.
  • Academics – The boarding schools in Dehradun are affiliated to CBSE i.e. Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. Apart from CBSE, the option of CIE i.e. Cambridge International Examination is also given to students if they are interested in pursuing an international curriculum.

The Schools don’t believe in the old method of learning, so the old methodology is upgraded according to the present day scenario. So the concept of experimental learning comes into existence. Experimental learning involves action, reflection, conceptualization and reapplication. The schools also have modern experimental labs where students can have hands-on experience on projects like STEM (blend of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

  • Wellness Programme – According to school norms, taking part in sports is a sign of wellness. Many sports activities are available in the premises for students. For example – Tennis, Equestrian, Soccer, Cricket and Basket Ball. The schools also provide professional coaching for these sports, however, swimming is necessary for everyone. Every student is expected to select one sport to excel in from 1st standard onwards, and every child is expected to take part in a leap start which is a sport & fitness programme as well.
  • Educational Trips and Excursions – It is the most important part of schooling as it builds confidence and independence in children, which will bring leadership skills in future. These excursions make children more sensitive towards the environment & candidate will get to know the geographical and cultural diversity and will be aware of regional heritage that our country offers. Through these excursions, the school exposes children to different and diverse ways of life. Apart from India, the schools also organize foreign tours, which are of student’s interest like NASA in the USA.
  • Residential Facilities – The hostel facilities are good. There is a separate hostel for girls and boys. Even the primary and senior school boys have separate hostels. All the hostel rooms have attached toilets. Every floor of the hostel has an indoor game facility. The security service is there in the hostel all round the clock, which determines the safety of students.
  • School Meals – The school meals are not only delicious but also healthy as it is prepared under the able supervision of a nutritionist. Varieties of food are served such as Indian, Continental, Thai, and Chinese. Teachers and Students can enjoy their meals together.
  • Medical Services – To meet the routine medical requirements of the children, the boarding schools have well-equipped infirmary. 24 hour nurse is available on duty. Apart from this, the boarding schools in Dehradun have tie-ups with hospitals in case special medical care is required.
  • Counselling – The schools have a counsellor to deal with all the problems of students such as character education, peer pressure, stress resolution, etc.

So, to summarize, one can say that the boarding school pass out candidates become a complete package of intelligent, independence, fitness and leadership qualities.

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