Oct 5, 2018

5 common mistakes people make when buying solar for home

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“It is a technology that is developing and in the future might be spectacular. At the moment it is in a very early stage” – Bradley. The solar panels are one efficient technological tool that has come into play where energy harnessing is concerned. It though has been criticized for not being efficient; it has proven one extremely benefiting to both the environment and financially speaking for the mass.

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There are a few basic guidelines which one should always keep in mind while surfing for a solar panel to be set up on your roof. Listed below are a few points to be considered in this aspect:

  1. Compatibility of your rooftop with the prospective solar panel:-

Solar panels work best when are placed in certain directions. The panels should always be placed on that part of your roof which receives the maximum amount of exposure. The angle of the solar panels also plays a very important role. Remember not to let your panels be under the shade of leafy trees or other houses because that would prevent them to soak up energy and be subjected to the maximum level of precipitation.

  1. Strike a good deal, check your load and learn about maintenance and running costs:-


You should go thoroughly through all kinds of sources, websites, dealers who are giving away solar panels for cash and considerations and then strike a good deal. Dust and leaves that settle on the panels should be removed if not regularly on a weekly basis to avoid problems. A warranty of 20-25 years is placed upon the panel, and the inverter carries a warranty of 5-10 years which is usually replaced every 15 years.

  1. Never forget to ensure your solar panels:-


Solar panels are efficient devices that stabilise the amount of energy to be consumed at your house. Though they come with a good time period as warranties, the risk to leave your good unprotected is too big to undertake. Minimise the risk by adding insurance to this device. The insurance will cover the risk of panels if your roof is incompatible with your device.

  1. Make sure your solar panels are certified:-


Solar panels that could attract a government rebate should be certified. The certificate denotes what kinds of tests that have been performed upon them. Other certificates are self-assessed, and often you have to rely on the good name of the company from which you are buying.

  1. Do not leave any stone unturned:-


Before buying a solar panel completely on your own, you should leave no stone unturned to find out if purchasing a solar panel is a good option or would it better if you take the solar device on a lease from the solar company. Going through all kinds of government details can give you a clear idea of the existing or the new incentives or rebates. Leasing from the company, on the other hand, will enable you to take all kinds of advantages regarding incentives.

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This emerging tide using the thermodynamic solar panel as the replacement of expensive electricity is the steady but rapid trend that is catching up in near times to come. These are the only legitimate free sources of clean, unlimited energy to heat anything you need. The best solar panels Ireland are clean and inexhaustible energy sources which are actually working as refrigerators in reverse.

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