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Top 7 iphone tricks and secrets for iphone users

Top 7 iphone tricks and secrets for iphone users

The Latest iphone tricks and secrets for iphone users

Hello! friends today i came up with a latest tricks of iphone which you will find it very easy to use and implement it on iphone.

Hope you all know about android phones and now you must have to know about iphone’s and their tricks.

iphone tricks

Since a long time the people who are using ios 9.3 for them i would like to mention the  useful tricks which will help them out from some problems.

1 : if you want your iphone get charged soonly then switch it on “AIRPLANE MODE“and then start charging, after some time iphone will get charged soonly.

2 : There is one most important fact about iphone. If you are writing/typing something in iphone then unexpectedly you’ll  did any mistake like “spelling wrong,wrong word etc etc” insted of shaking your head “SHAKE YOUR IPHONE” the mistake will run out from your typing area or text area. That means the “UNDO” function will work. Again if you want the typed text return after doing it undo then again shake the iphone it will ask “Redo typing” following the option “yes/no” then choose “YES” the typed text will appear soonly after choosing the option yes.

IPhone tricks

3 :  If your iphone is updated with ios 9.3 in that there is one special task is there which is “finger prints” option, it is suitable for iphone 5s and the phones which launched after iphones 5s. That means to unlock your phone, only your’s finger prints is mandatory not others.

4 : For this  Go to settings –>Touch ID –>Passcode

choose these three option and touch on your mobile screen it needs a passcode. And enable it. And to unlock the screen touch your finger on the top of the “HOME SCREEN” and The screen will unlock.

5 : Suppose if you are going to meet someone for a specific reason if you want to inform them where your are and at which location you are for this also one special option is there that is follow the following options.


Open a map –> Select the current location –> keep on pressing the button and the SHARE option will be there –> press the share optionà  after pressing the option share you can send your location through apps like “Imessege  and  E-mail” after this to whom your sending select theirs names and send it. The location which you want to send to your friend will be sent successfully.

6 : Suppose while listening songs if you got slept and the music will play continuously then there is no use. Battery charge will also will also decreases. To overcome this problem follow the below options

Go to iphone clock app –>  click on timer then set the time and after that “When timer ends”option will be there if you click on that there are different sounds you can here and just below that you can find an another option like “Stop Playing” select this option and and leave the mobile the time which you had set earlier on that time only the muisic will be stopped. You needn’t to worry about that whether the Music has stopped or not.  


7 : For selfie lover to take selfie you must have to press the camera button right, But connect the earphones and press the volume-up button then the picture will be captured that is your beautiful or perfect selfie.

iphone tricks

These are all the options which the iphone users must know about it.

And friends I will come again with a different tricks soon.





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Comment ( 1 )

  1. Dev
    June 11, 2016 at 4:47 pm

    Thank you for such a useful tricks PREM. I find it very easy and I will wait for yours further tricks and latest news.

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