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More about Xiaomi Mi Band 2 with some Extra Features

More about Xiaomi Mi Band 2 with some Extra Features

More about Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and its  Specifications.

Mi Band 2 will feature a curved LCD display and physical button. The addition of LCD display should allow users to view their activity stats right on the tracker rather than digging, searching on the app.

You can have a more information about Mi band 2 on the below link-

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The Xiaomi Mi Band is a wearable fitness tracker produced by Xiaomi company.

xiaomi band 2 specifications

Materials used in the fabrication or a Developing of the device’s body is as given below in the tables.

Developer Xiaomi
Manufacturer Foxconn
Type  2nd generation fitness tracker
Release date june 7-2016
System-on-chipused Dialog SmartBond DA14580
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0
Power 41.01 mAh
Online services Google Play, F-Droid
Weight 13 g (0.46 oz)
Successor Xiaomi Mi Band 1S


The Mi Band 2 has its own official release date. The 24/7 activity tracker is going on sale on 7 June and this information comes from a pretty reliable source that is “The Xiaomi CEO”.

Speaking at the launch of the company’s first ever drone, Lei Jun revealed the details while fielding questions at the event. Jun also revealed that it will be available in China only, for now.

:-you can see the test from below video


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