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Bangalore – Popularly called as The Garden City

It might be that the person has recently shifted to the city of Bangalore for seeking new avenues in the form of jobs or business or simply visiting any relative on a vacation or occasion. Whatever be it, if his desire is to get entertained during the trip, in the weekends and evenings, he does not have to get disappointed. The reason is because, this beautiful city and its surroundings have plenty of entertainment to offer to the residents and guests, who come from far and near.


Some interesting places to visit when in Bangalore

  • Cubbon Park: If the person is bored and would like to make the most of his time during the evening, then he can visit the oldest park of the city to take a stroll in the green oasis. This park is situated in Kasturba Road and boasts of having lush greenery. Its quiet background is likely to help the person to connect with nature, without having to go out of the city.
  • Ranga Shankara: In case, the person is interested to watch live theatrical performances, then this is undoubtedly the place to be. Ranga Shankara is located in J.P.Nagar, where different types of dramas are held throughout the year and from all over the world. Booking the choice of tickets can help the person to experience the very best and to carry some memory back home.
  • Amoeba: It is a wonderful place to visit with friends. Although a forgotten haunt located within the city, it still boasts of being the hot favorite among many who prefer bowling. It is regarded to be the city’s first ever bowling alley to be developed. One can head towards Church Street, where they can have immense fun participating in bowling and air hockey sessions.
  • Bangalore Turf Club: This is something different that the person can get indulged in. He can watch the horses speed away at the club located on the Race Course Road. He can even have a bet or two placed, if he feels there is a chance to win some money. It would be essential to understand the race schedule to help socialize as well as cheer for the correct ponies.
  • Beer Hubs: Bangalore is currently regarded to be a pub city in the country. Hence, one should not miss out the chance to get into one of the beer pubs during the trip to the city. Pubs can definitely be a cool place to be for hanging out. One can try those craft beers at Toit or ABC or simply head towards High or Skyye to have a fabulous city view while enjoying brewed beer. District 6 is also known to offer some wonderful beer.

The above are just few of the entertainment places in Bangalore that one can indulge in. The person can also watch his favorite movies in Bangalore at any of the multiplex or Cineplex located in the city and its outskirts. There are numerous sites that do allow the information seeker to avail useful and valuable tips and suggestions about the different happenings in this Garden City.

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