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Top 5 SEO Tips Every Small Business Should Apply for Website Promotion

  • Google Local Business Listing

While looking for info, majority of consumers use Google which is a dominant search engine, commanding almost 68 % market share. This makes it quite crucial that your small business should have a presence in Google’s local search results.

Ensure that you create a profile on Google My Business by completing every section and choosing the right categories for your business listing. Submit your business address, working hours, photos and a detailed description of your business.

  • Customer Ratings and Reviews Should be Encouraged

For small business SEO campaign it’s quite important to gather positive online reviews. Even without asking straight-up your clients to leave a review, there are numerous other ways to encourage reviews ethically. You can send emails to clients letting them know that you value their feedback and then provide links to popular review sites.

  • HTTPs links from Local Organisations and Trusted Sources

Membership of various business organisations is an excellent way to earn high quality links and these convey a level of trust also. Find link opportunities from different local organisations like schools, charitable groups and community events. Sometimes this provides an amazing opportunity to showcase your business in front of your local community.

  • Submit Site in Business Directory

You can create a listing for free on many business directories, including your business name, address and other details. This is called as NAP data and you must ensure that your NAP is 100% consistent on every business directory.

  • Regularly Publish Content on your Website

Make a blog section on your website and ensure that you update it with fresh content on a regular basis. It provides an excellent opportunity to target long tail local-focused keywords which increase the site’s rank in organic search results. It also gives the visitors a chance to get engage in something new every time they visit your site.

  • Make Mobile Friendly Website

A website that is optimised for mobile devices provides far more SEO value than ever. Added value is given by search engines to sites that are mobile-friendly, meaning businesses that aren’t optimised for mobile are at a great disadvantage. Responsive designs can help businesses stay ahead of competitors, by increasing their site’s SEO value and making their online presence more powerful.

Conclusion: With rising competition in every sector, it has become quite important for every business to have an online presence, no matter what their size is. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is another thing you need to take care about, if willing to rank well on Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Follow few techniques in your SEO campaigns to generate more traffic for your business website.

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