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4 Reasons Why Kapil Sharma’s New Show was a flop!

4 Reasons Why Kapil Sharma’s New Show was a flop!

The Kapil Sharma’s Show is the flop show!

NO No NO! wait! I am not telling this people are telling this, Believe me.

You don’t believe ok let me explain why Kapil Sharma’s New Show “The Kapil Sharma Show” is a flop show.

Finally The Kapil Sharma Show is on the floor, but not hit as comedy Nights with Kapil.

The whole Team is back without Bua, and we are really disappointed with this show!

Kapil Sharma is the trendsetter of comedy in TV didn’t outshine colors’ ‘BajiRao Mastani’ which was really unexpected completely.

Kapil Sharma’s New Show was a flop

And you won’t believe Bajirao Mastani got more views than the kapil sharma show.


So what exactly went wrong here? Was it a high pressure on the head of lead actors, or just lack of talent and nervousness?

Here are the 4 reasons why we really think Kapil Sharma show is flop!


Live Show – No Show

Kapil Sharma’s New Show was a flop

We the kapil sharma team lovers, who wanted to see a stage act like CNWK and the entire cast as funny as they were, but then they introduced them as extremely formal and without any funny punches.

In the first episode itself its not clear who will play what. Navjot siddhu was also looking bored and he also did less shero-shayari!


Sumona’s No Show

Kapil Sharma’s New Show was a flop

Again a big Disappointment was sumona chakravarti, who didn’t have much time as well as lines. She was mostly trying to chat with Shah Rukh Khan. She should be attractive point for TKSS.


Dependence ON Shah Rukh Khan

Kapil Sharma’s New Show was a flop

The first Episode of TKSS was an overdose of Shah Rukh Khan. Live audience was trying to take selfie with Shah Rukh Khan, and some got gifts for SRK. On the other hand SRK was looking tired, may be because of FAN promotional activities.


Lacking of Funny Punches

Kapil Sharma’s New Show was a flop

Since it was a live event, Kapil sharma was not able to garner the right people who were funny in the audience. Note that comedy nights with kapil was not live show, it took full day to shoot one episode of CNWK. While some die-hard fans sobbed meeting him, some wanted to hug him, thus leaving us wanting for more funny and new jokes.


So many jokes on Arvind Kejriwal that we are reading regularly on Facebook, Whatsapp and other Social media platform.

Final words:

Finally Thanks to sunil Grover, he continues to be the highlight of the show.

I Bet you didn’t notice, Colors kept Bajirao Mastani Break-free till Kapil Sharma Show was on Sony. The minute Show ended, Colors’ began airing advertisements. It was really smart marketing colors did.

Share your thoughts with us!!

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